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Bodypump class at the YMCA

I just wanted to do a quick post on my new favorite exercise. I re-joined the YMCA to do classes with my co-workers and the fist class I attended was a BodyPump, and I really liked the type of exercise, music and atmosphere. I do know that this class has been around for awhile, but I as comfortable doing step and yoga (which are still great classes)

According to some research that  I have done on this type of class, it is the fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. It is a muscle toning and conditioning class with weights (of any size) and is for just about everybody who wants to add strength training into their aerobic workout.

The simplicity of the class makes BodyPump a great starting point to develop strength and confidence in your workout regime. The great music and fun choreography have you working out many different areas keep you going through the hour.

You will use a step platform with risers, a bar and multiple set of weights.

If you try this class please make sure to come a little early to allow for set up and be able to begin on time!

You will have a blast!

Joining the gym – YMCA

You know how it is, every couple of months you feel like you would get more workouts if you joined a gym, and there are always so many specials going on. For example, the YMCA has specials every so often where they have free signups or close to it, they are having one right now. For the month of September the signup fee is the day of the month, for example if you signed up on the 3rd it would have been $3. Today it is the 28th and it would be $28 to sign up. That’s a great deal when for a family it costs $100 to sign up.


The good thing about a gym like the YMCA is that they have a lot of classes that you can’t do at home as easily. Things like fitness yoga to circuit training, to Tae Kwon Do, there are several programs, one sure to peak your interest (I know I am interested already)

There are also a lot of great companies that help to pay for a membership. This is called the corporate wellness membership and here is an example of the discounts available. Take a look to see if your company is participating, and if not let them know of the benefits for this. Hopefully they will get on board and want to have healthier, happier employees!!.