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Fall is in the air…

And if you live where I live that means that we can start running outside again and not melt. Believe me, I am a cold person and I love the warm weather, but when you step outside and you start sweating even before you take off for your run/bike ride/etc., which means that it is too HOT!!

Now the weather is cooling a bit, so it’s time to go back outside. I think it’s a great thing because running on a treadmill is 1. boring and 2. I have to put my pets away before I start, so it’s like they are in trouble – poor puppies!!

Talking about treadmills, the one I have is very old, but it is still in decent condition. My husband went all crazy when he bought it and it was top of the line back in the late 90s or early 2000s, so it is pretty sturdy, and has a lot of bells and whistles. He is already talking about buying another one, but I think this one still has many miles on it. It would be a different thing if we both wanted to sue it at the same time over and over, but that is not the case. Maybe someday when we have a bigger house and are committed to working out all of the time.
Anyway, get outside and start running, it’s beautiful out there!!