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Pinterest analytics and other fun stuff

If anyone knows me they know that Pinterest is one of my favorite sites to lose myself in. When I get in there I am trolling around the site looking for great things to try, exercise routines, clothes I like or anything else. Now there are several analytic tools that can help you see how your Pinterest account is doing.

Some of the tools I have come across are PinReach.com, which I have started using as well as Pinerly.com and Pinpuff.com, which I have looked at but have not used yet. They all state that they start out free, and there are options to enhance the tool to give you more information that cost. For me the free version works just fine.

You can look at a variety of Pinterest Influence and Analytics with this free tool. For example:

  • Pin reach score
  • Popular pin history
  • Popular boards
  • Influential Followers

Some of the other data you can see include:

  • Pinterest members with the highest reach
  • Trending pins on Pinterest
  • Trending Pinterest members (people you may want to follow)

Its all pretty cool, have you checked it out yet?  If so and you like follow me at tracylp03.