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Down in Forida where the fig trees grow.


My husband and I recently relocated to Florida for my career, and ended up in a small rental house. Along with the warmer weather that Florida offers, we also came into a few fruit tress surrounding the home. We actually have four of them, a lowquat tree, a fig tree, a grapefruit tree, and I think a tangerine tree – not quite sure and the fruit is green at the moment. The one bearing ripe fruit now is the fig tree. It has several little purplish fruit on it, approximately double the size of a bing cherry. Since there were so many I decided to look up online how to eat them.While the Internet is filled with many different ways to eat these little guys, my favorite is right off the tree. It still looks like I will be having several more ripening over the next month or 2, if you have any great recipes please let me know.