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Riverside Art Market in Jacksonville FL

Today we decided to take the puppies (Cheyenne in the white and Brody in the rusty brown)  with us to the Riverside Art Market in hopes of getting them to acclimated with people as well as get a good lunch. The puppies were really excited to go for a walk. They got into the car and sat like good puppies on the drive there. Its pretty close to home so if they didn’t like it we wouldn’t waste too much time.

Cheyenne and Brody in the car.


When we got there the puppies were a bit scared, this was a lot of people from what they were used to. Brody is scared of strollers, bikes, cars and then some, and Cheyenne was asking everyone to pet her.


There is tons of fresh produce, artists, musical entertainment, street performers, and food vendors, many things to look at buy and try.



It is open every Saturday. And its is under a bridge so do not let the spot storms keep you from going. Tere is also a great path that you can walk/ride on following the river. Makes for a great afternoon :)
March to December
10 AM – 4 PM