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New Years Resolutions – Ipsy’s List

New Years - Ipsy


Love this! I want to copy and place in my cube at work!

Gym humor…December 13

It was a great night at the gym with the girls. We finished Body Pump and two of us decided to stay and do the Step class that was next to get a little more of a workout. The instructor said to do what you can, every week do a little more.

I lasted about 6 songs and then went to put away my step. A classmate came up to me and asked enthusiastically if this was my first step class. I said, “No, I just did body pump prior to this class.”

She said “Well that was stupid.”  and turned and went back to her step.







Today is a brand new day.


Today is a brand new day.
Today is a brand new day. A fresh start. Replace any negativity with positivity. Think happy thoughts. Exercise. Drink lots of water. Fill your body with fuel. Healthy is happy. Inspire yourself. Create. Laugh. Play. Love. Learn. Give someone a compliment. Make a new friend. Do a random act of kindness…it creates good karma. Take chances and finally start living life to its fullest. But no matter what’s thrown at you today, smile and remember, tomorrow’s always a fresh new start. -unknown