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Fitbit Ultra

I recently received the Fitbit Ultra from my hubby, and so far I love it!! It is small, light, and easy to carry and tracks your basic daily activity level. It has a host of online analytical tools, it tracks sleep quality, and it boasts both Android and iOS mobile apps.

Fitbit Ultra

Measuring 2.1 inches tall by 0.8 inch wide and 0.6 inch thick, the Fitbit Ultra is extremely tiny. It’s about the size of a small Bluetooth headset and at 0.4 of an ounce, it’s also very light. Shaped like a clip I normally clip it onto my waistband or tank top, the Ultra also slides neatly into an included belt holster. The Ultra is so small that I forget that I am wearing it,

The Ultra’s rubberized surface is not waterproof. That’s a big drawback for anyone who sweats profusely or triathlon trainers who can’t log a long swim. A slim 2.5×1-inch OLED screen runs along the front of the device. This strip-shaped display is tiny, but it provides plenty of information. For instance, pressing the button on the Ultra’s face cycles through the number of steps you’ve walked, the calories you’ve burned, the number of stairs you’ve climbed, your equivalent distance traveled, and has a Flower icon that grows or shrinks according to your current physical activity. The Ultra also has a digital clock.

The second piece of the Ultra puzzle is a small base station that connects to PCs and Macs via a USB cable. It also serves as a receptacle to charge the Ultra’s internal battery, plus it syncs the pedometer data wirelessly to a computer within a 15-foot radius.


Docking Station

Other Features

At the site, the company provides a wide range of analytical tools based on the information the Fitbit Ultra has collected. The main Dashboard shows the number of calories burned and steps taken in the last 30 days, current totals for the day, along with an overall activity score created against being completely sedentary. What’s new to the Ultra is an altimeter that also logs building floors climbed, also shown on the Dashboard.



One more feature from the Fitbit Ultra is tracking the length and quality of your sleep.  To activate sleep tracking, just slip the Fitbit into the pouch on the included cloth wrist band, which straps around your arm with Velcro. Pressing the button for 2 seconds starts and stops sleep mode.

Pretty cool gadget if you ask me :)


Gym humor…December 13

It was a great night at the gym with the girls. We finished Body Pump and two of us decided to stay and do the Step class that was next to get a little more of a workout. The instructor said to do what you can, every week do a little more.

I lasted about 6 songs and then went to put away my step. A classmate came up to me and asked enthusiastically if this was my first step class. I said, “No, I just did body pump prior to this class.”

She said “Well that was stupid.”  and turned and went back to her step.


Who keeps a fitness journal?

Do you keep a fitness journal? I do, well kind of. I use a day planner that I got from Target (one of my favorite stores btw). I put down my exercises classes, runs (or walks), rides, etc. into the book and I started to add the food that I have eaten as well. Its good to review what was done for the week, as well as possibly gauge what has worked and what has not. I can keep track of the weight I use for BodyPump, and more. Its really a good resource to keep you in check and track progress.

Other things to track:



Blood work


and more!


I also use this blog to keep track of recipes that I want to try, classes I like, maybe big runs that I want to do.


Good times! Enjoy!






Bodypump class at the YMCA

I just wanted to do a quick post on my new favorite exercise. I re-joined the YMCA to do classes with my co-workers and the fist class I attended was a BodyPump, and I really liked the type of exercise, music and atmosphere. I do know that this class has been around for awhile, but I as comfortable doing step and yoga (which are still great classes)

According to some research that  I have done on this type of class, it is the fastest way to shape up and lose body fat. It is a muscle toning and conditioning class with weights (of any size) and is for just about everybody who wants to add strength training into their aerobic workout.

The simplicity of the class makes BodyPump a great starting point to develop strength and confidence in your workout regime. The great music and fun choreography have you working out many different areas keep you going through the hour.

You will use a step platform with risers, a bar and multiple set of weights.

If you try this class please make sure to come a little early to allow for set up and be able to begin on time!

You will have a blast!