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The novice gammer life….

Here is the delima. I used to be a heavy gammer, meaning that when I was not working I was playing a game. My game of choice was the MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) via the computer, where I can talk and play with my friends. So after work we would eat dinner then get onto the game to group together and quest.

The first game that my husband brought into the home was Everquest. We played that for several years, it was a grindfest to level and it was hard to hit the cap on levels. Also to keep up with the demand of the heavy gamers they started to raise the level caps and bring in new territories. The most I did here was group with friend and grind; it was hard at end game to do much else.

We were sick of it after awhile and tried to move onto other games. We tried several, and ended up playing World of Warcraft pretty much right when it came out. I was done being the cute human as I was in Everquest (just one of m many characters). First we tried a care bear server (a player versus environment), but that was too easy, and quickly moved onto a PVP (player versus player) server. I started playing an undead priest. It was great, we grouped with our friends, made guilds, and did quests and my favorite, attacked members from the opposing faction whenever I could. There were pvp battlegrounds but also all areas of the world except for the newbie areas were open for attack. This made the game much harder to do, but also a lot of fun.


Believe me I have been ganked (To be killed without mercy on a MMORPG for the sport of it) several times, and reciprocated as well. We played high end dungeons where you had to wait for 40 people to get it together. We tried to get all of the high end armor, and then I was done. I was sick of playing all day every day when I was off. I was tired of guild wars, and dungeons where I was passed over and over again. So I quit.

Three years later I decided that I missed it, that I just wanted to play when I have a bit of time. We started with Star Wars (TOR), which I was never too happy about, but hen we moved back to WOW. So I plan to being more relaxed with the game this time, no need to get high end, etc. Can I stay casual? That is my delima.

And what’s with the pandas? The make no sense….

WOW panda

Joining the gym – YMCA

You know how it is, every couple of months you feel like you would get more workouts if you joined a gym, and there are always so many specials going on. For example, the YMCA has specials every so often where they have free signups or close to it, they are having one right now. For the month of September the signup fee is the day of the month, for example if you signed up on the 3rd it would have been $3. Today it is the 28th and it would be $28 to sign up. That’s a great deal when for a family it costs $100 to sign up.


The good thing about a gym like the YMCA is that they have a lot of classes that you can’t do at home as easily. Things like fitness yoga to circuit training, to Tae Kwon Do, there are several programs, one sure to peak your interest (I know I am interested already)

There are also a lot of great companies that help to pay for a membership. This is called the corporate wellness membership and here is an example of the discounts available. Take a look to see if your company is participating, and if not let them know of the benefits for this. Hopefully they will get on board and want to have healthier, happier employees!!.


Fall is in the air…

And if you live where I live that means that we can start running outside again and not melt. Believe me, I am a cold person and I love the warm weather, but when you step outside and you start sweating even before you take off for your run/bike ride/etc., which means that it is too HOT!!

Now the weather is cooling a bit, so it’s time to go back outside. I think it’s a great thing because running on a treadmill is 1. boring and 2. I have to put my pets away before I start, so it’s like they are in trouble – poor puppies!!

Talking about treadmills, the one I have is very old, but it is still in decent condition. My husband went all crazy when he bought it and it was top of the line back in the late 90s or early 2000s, so it is pretty sturdy, and has a lot of bells and whistles. He is already talking about buying another one, but I think this one still has many miles on it. It would be a different thing if we both wanted to sue it at the same time over and over, but that is not the case. Maybe someday when we have a bigger house and are committed to working out all of the time.
Anyway, get outside and start running, it’s beautiful out there!!